Residential Cleaning

Need more time for yourself? Want to enjoy peace of mind ? Let us do the cleaning for you, while you enjoy the results of what we love to do!

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Servicing Your Needs

Apartment Cleaning

Living in a clean and tidy apartment is essential for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Let our professional apartment cleaning service take care of it for you! We use a thorough cleaning checklist while also maintaining  affordable prices, and the use of eco-friendly products. Book our service today to enjoy a spotless and relaxing home environment.

Post Construction Cleaning

Construction can leave behind a lot of dust, debris, and mess. Let our post-construction cleaning service help you transform your space into a clean and livable environment. We use specialized cleaning techniques and equipment to get the job done. Book our service today to enjoy a clean and safe environment after construction.

Move In/Out

Moving can be stressful enough without having to worry about cleaning your old or new home. Let us handle this part for you! We are equipped with a checklist, professional-grade cleaning equipment and products, and a satisfaction guarantee. 

AirBnB Cleaning

Looking for a hassle-free way to keep your Airbnb sparkling clean and guest-ready? Our professional cleaning services are just a click away! flexible scheduling options, use of high-quality cleaning products, and experienced and trustworthy cleaning staff. 

House Cleaning

Are you tired of spending your weekends cleaning your home? Let our professional residential cleaning service take care of the labor work for you! We have customized cleaning plans, use of eco-friendly products, and highly trained and vetted cleaning staff. 

"Thank you CCNJ for your continued service. The team is amazing and i am always impressed with every cleaning. I don’t normally do reviews but i know how important it is to spread the good word. Looking forward to seeing you next week."
- Karen

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Benefits of Having Your House Professionally Cleaned

Hiring professional cleaners has many benefits that go beyond just having a clean home. Some of the key benefits include:

Improved Air Quality


Our cleaning services remove dust and allergens from your home, improving the overall air quality.

Reduced Stress


top of the life services to offer for airbnb services

Increased Productivity


A clean and organized home can help you be more productive, whether you’re working from home or simply trying to get things done.

Makes Entertaining Easier


Impress your guests with a clean and inviting home that you can be proud of.

- See What Our Clients Are Saying -

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Natasha cooper
Natasha cooper
I won a free cleaning from a raffle by Celestial cleaning company. Very genuine and hard working people. They took their time even though the cleaning was free. They did not rush at all. They swept, mopped and cleaned every room. They were super sweet and patient. They helped me fold and organize my clothes. They even wiped down my walls! The experience was fantastic. Definitely booking again, I highly recommend this company! Thank you❤️
Shevon Talley
Shevon Talley
I recently purchased a home that went through extensive renovation. As I prepared to move into my home, I was looking for a cleaning company to handle my needs. I happened to find this company searching on google and decided to give it a whirl. I submitted an inquiry form and was contacted immediately (and it was Easter Sunday!) we were able discuss the needs of the clean and find a time in date within a matter of minutes. This was my first time using external cleaners (I have OCD when it comes to cleaning and when I clean I do so extensively - and do not trust others to do so) because I don’t have the time with moving into a newly renovated home clean. Two cleaners came early to our appointment time and left me IMPRESSED with their leave of thoroughness. Wow, they did things before I could even ask them to. When I went to check I was left speechless at how thoughtful and deep they went on the cleaning. Highly recommend!
Carla Tenuta
Carla Tenuta
Great company! The owner is very responsive and if theres an issue he makes sure to correct it. Cleaning companies can be hit or miss depending on the staff but he ensures to hire great cleaners that are attentive to detail
Atiyah Conry
Atiyah Conry
Just had celestial cleaning come and clean my home. It was my first time having my home professionally cleaned and want sure what to expect. They did such an awesome and thorough job. I highly recommend. I will definitely be having them back.
Wilzer Dorielan
Wilzer Dorielan
Great work!! I had him come to my residential property!!
Robert De Santis
Robert De Santis
Pierre and staff are mindfull of all your needs,will do anything to satisfy you. The crew was always finished with time to spare but never cut corners, job was done right!
Pierre is always great to work with and the ladies that come and clean are always super friendly and do an amazing job. Prices are fair too. I’d recommend this company to anyone in search of home cleaning.
Carleb Pierre
Carleb Pierre
The cleaning crew was not only amiable but also adaptable, accommodating my schedule and ensuring they cleaned all the areas of my business that I had specified. The use of premium cleaning products made my workplace smell delightful and look immaculate. I was particularly pleased with the meticulous cleaning performed by the team. They left no surface untouched and made an effort to clean every area. Additionally, they organized the space, giving my business a heightened level of cleanliness and tidiness. In conclusion, I highly suggest Celestial cleaning nj to any business in need of a professional and comprehensive cleaning service. They exceeded my expectations and I anticipate using their services again in the future.
DP Motivates
DP Motivates
I recently used CCNJ for a deep cleaning of my home and I was extremely impressed with the results. The team arrived on time, was professional, and worked efficiently to get the job done. They paid attention to all of the details, and my home was spotless after they finished. The team was also very friendly and accommodating, answering any questions I had and making sure I was satisfied with the results. I appreciated their attention to detail and their commitment to using environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Overall, I was very happy with the service I received from CCNJ and I would definitely use them again in the future. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable, professional, and thorough cleaning service.
Danielle Cargulia
Danielle Cargulia
Love them. Did a wonderful job cleaning my apartment, are incredibly nice and outgoing and listened to what is important to me!!!

- Our Cleaning Process-

Booking Confirmed

After your inquiry, we will confirm your date and time of cleaning. We will also confirm your address and answer any additional questions you may have.

Walkthorugh Assessment

Before we start cleaning your home, we will conduct an initial walkthrough with you to asses your specific needs once more. This will make sure that we are on the same page. Also, this is your chance to request any additional services, which will be subject to extra charges.

Final Walkthrough

Once your cleaning is completed, we will do a final walkthrough with you to ensure your satisfaction has been met. This is an important step to ensure that no areas have been missed! This is our secret to maintaining our positive Google reviews 🙂

Premium Cleaning Checklist

For your premium cleaning of your residential home, we are going to clean from top to bottom, back to front. Your premium clean will include your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and common areas. This cleaning will include dusting, cleaning of surface tops, sweeping, vacuuming, and floors being mopped, etc. 

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- Deep Cleaning Expectations -

With our deep cleaning service option for your home or apartment you can expect an UNFORGETTABLE experience at an Affordable price. We will clean from top to bottom, back to front ensuring that no corner is left untouched. This option is perfect for those who want to relive the feeling of walking into their new home all over again. With this option we ensure your home will be left SPOTLESS. Removing dirt, stains, dust, & cobwebs along the way. This is our most detailed cleaning. 

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In Addition to the our premium cleaning, Deep cleaning will include 


  • Cleaning inside your oven
  • Cleaning inside your refridgerator 
  • Cleaning inside and outside your cabinets 
  • Cleaning your windows 
  • Cleaning inside your microwave 
  • please prepare your home by moving furniture and beds around so we can efficiently tackle those areas.
  • Pick up Any Clothes or Laundry Around the House

Sit back and enjoy our cleaning services tailored to your exact needs. 

Affordable Pricing Down Below

Pricing Includes:
All Areas of your home


- Cleaning Packages -


( Full Price )
  • 1 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $165.00
  • 2 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $185.00
  • 2 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $195.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $210.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $230.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/3 BATHROOM = $250.00
  • 4 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $287.00
  • 4 BEDROOM/3 BATHROOM = $320.00
Full Price


( Extra touch )
  • INSIDE FRIDGE+ $35.00
  • INSIDE OVEN + $35.00
  • WINDOWS + $5.00 EACH
  • 2nd LIVING ROOM + $25.00


  • 1 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $132.00
  • 2 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $148.00
  • 2 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $156.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $168.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $184.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/3 BATHROOM = $200.00
  • 4 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $229.00
  • 4 BEDROOM/3 BATHROOM = $256.00
20% OFF


(Bi-weekly Deal )
  • 1 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $140.00
  • 2 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $157.00
  • 2 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $161.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $178.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $195.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/3 BATHROOM = $212.00
  • 4 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $244.00
  • 4 BEDROOM/3 BATHROOM = $272.00
15% OFF


( Monthly Deal )
  • 1 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $148.00
  • 2 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $166.00
  • 2 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $175.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/1 BATHROOM = $189.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $207.00
  • 3 BEDROOM/3 BATHROOM = $225.00
  • 4 BEDROOM/2 BATHROOM = $258.00
  • 4 BEDROOM/3 BATHROOM = $288.00
10% OFF

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