Deep clean

With our deep cleaning option for your home or apartment you can expect an UNFORGETTABLE experience at an Affordable price. We will clean from top to bottom, back to front ensuring that no corner is left untouched. This option is perfect for those who want to relive the feeling of walking into their new home all over again. With this option we ensure your home will be left SPOTLESS. Removing dirt, stains, dust, & cobwebs along the way. This cleaning will be very detailed. You can expect to have your oven, refrigerator, windows, baseboards, microwave, cabinets, and dishes clean. We also offer these as add ons in our premium cleaning option. Please let us know if you would like to include anything else or remove anything during our initial briefing. Also, please prepare your home by moving furniture and beds around so we can efficiently tackle those areas. With our top of the line Dyson V11 Outsize vacuum to efficiently tackle some of the most hard to reach areas on your carpet and all throughout your home Unfortunately, our cleaners will not be able to move around your furniture or your bed frames. Prior to the cleaning a walkthrough will be conducted to assess your needs and then a final walk through will be conducted to ensure your complete satisfaction. Whether you’re in need of spring cleaning, a thorough clean in preparation of the holidays or a big gathering – Celestial Cleaning NJ is here to take a load off your back! Book today  

Cleaning Checklist



Bathtub and shower enclosure
Inside, Out and behind toilet
lights, mirrors, sink, countertops
vacuum ceiling fan cover
light switches, door knobs
empty garbage bin
vacuum/ mop floors
wipe baseboards
if dishwasher empty, start new load
if dishwasher full, put away clean dishes
microwave inside
stove top
fridge front polished
backsplash, counter tops, cupboard fronts
wipe light switches & door knobs
replace garbage and recycling liners
vacuum/ mop floors
wipe baseboards
wipe window ledges


living/dining room

make beds
tidy any clothing
dust counters, table tops, picture frames
clean mirrors and polish ornaments
wipe switches, doorknobs
vaccum/mop floors
wipe baseboards
wipe window ledges
general tidying
tidy sofa seating
table tops, picture frames, window ledges
clean mirrors and polish ornaments
wipe telephones, switches, door knobs
vacuum/mop floors
wipe baseboards
clean under/ behind furniture
vacuum sofa seating

laundry room

clear air vent
clear lint trap
wipe washer/ dryer
clean floors